Colebrook Historic Sites

88 Alice M. Ward Library (Jacob’s Stand), 27 Park Street, Canaan, Vermont10426888_10204400479833983_8168378218590928544_n

Few public libraries exude the rich history of our country like the Alice M. Ward Memorial Library, also known as Jacobs Stand, in Canaan, Vermont. During its lifetime, the building has served as a tannery, stagecoach station, post office and stop on the Underground Railroad.



89 Indian Stream Historic Schoolhouse, Tabor Road, Pittsburg, New HampshireIndian Stream 2

The Indian Stream Schoolhouse is a wonderful example of one man’s determination to honor the legacy of his father by rallying his community to embrace and restore their one-room schoolhouse into an intimate museum celebrating their local educational roots.




90 Pittsburg – Clarksville Covered Bridge, Bacon Road, Pittsburg, New HampshireSPNHFClarksville

The Pittsburg-Clarksville Bridge, also known as the Bacon Road Bridge, was built in 1876 and holds the honor as most northerly of all remaining covered bridges in New Hampshire.




91 Republic of Indian Stream Historical Marker, Route 3, Pittsburg, New Hampshire110-Pittsburg-RepublicOfIndianStreamHistoricMarker

International border disputes, the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, and an unpaid hardware store bill would seem to have little in common, unless you are a descendant of the Republic of Indian Stream. Travel Route 3 through Pittsburg, New Hampshire to find the official historical marker, located in the park just after the local school, signifying the Republic of Indian Stream, a story worthy of inclusion in New England’s intriguing and often rebellious heritage.


92 Happy Corner Covered Bridge, Hill-Danforth Road, Pittsburg, New HampshireBritni White Photograph

Happy Corner Covered Bridge … the name itself beckons, “Come visit me.” Built in the mid-1800s across Perry Stream, the bridge was so named according to local lore because a nearby older gentleman would entertain locals with parties, creating a “happy time,” singing and dancing to the music on his Victor Victrola phonograph.


93 River Road Covered Bridge, River Road, Pittsburg, New Hampshire

In 1858, the River Road Covered Bridge was built to span Perry Stream, one mile east of Route 3 and seven miles north of Pittsburg, New Hampshire. One of three remaining bridges in Pittsburg, this bridge is bypassed and closed to traffic but still open to pedestrians.


94 Clarksville Schoolhouse, 323 Clarksville Pond Road, Clarksville, New Hampshire

Located at the corner of Route 145 and West Road in Clarksville, the Clarksville Schoolhouse has a colorful history as sawmill, cheese factory, educational institute, and current home to the Colebrook Chronicle newspaper.


95 North Hill Church, 66 North Hill, Stewartstown, New Hampshire

The very humble and aged North Hill Church, built in 1840, has stood the test of time for the faithful of Stewartstown, New Hampshire. While only used occasionally, each year the church fills with community members for a special ecumenical service.


96 Poore Family Homestead Historic Farm Museum, 629 Hollow Road, Stewartstown, New HampshirePoore Family Homestead

The Poore Family Homestead is a unique historical settlement and museum like no other in New Hampshire.  Nestled between Bishop and Gulch Brooks in Stewartstown along Route 145, the 100-acre settlement offers a glimpse into the life of a frontier family, settled along the Connecticut River before electricity and the Industrial Revolution reached the rural corners of New England.


97 Columbia Covered Bridge, Columbia Bridge Road, Columbia, New HampshireEdithColumbiaBrside

Located four miles south of Colebrook Village and west of Route 3, the 146-foot Columbia Covered Bridge spans the Connecticut River, connecting the towns of Columbia, NH and Lemington, VT.



98 Bloomfield-Nulhegan River Bridge, Route 102, Bloomfield, VermontBloom-NulBr

The Bloomfield-Nulhegan River Bridge can be found on Route 102 in Bloomfield Village, Vermont, spanning the Nulhegan River, a tributary of the Connecticut River.  The Nulhegan River basin is home to a remote boreal forest, which provides high-quality habitat to interesting wildlife, including the illusive moose.


99 North Stratford Railroad Station (Stratford Public Library), 74 Main Street, North Stratford, New Hampshire

Library 011

The historic North Stratford Railroad Station is home to the Stratford Public Library, located at 74 Main Street in North Stratford, next to the town’s central common area.



100 Wallace Farm (Pioneer Farm), 27 Wallace Road, Columbia, New HampshireWallace Farm

For over 225 years the Wallace Family has maintained its expansive agricultural farm, providing a detailed glimpse into the farming heritage of New England.